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This website is currently under construction, just like my house, so please just bear with me. At least you don't have to live amid the chaos!!!



(Hey, I warned you.)

Obligatory introduction:

I am your time-starved host Joseph Sottile (an Italian name, which means "thin"). I live in Napa, California, but do not make or sell wine. Instead, I serve it over guests. :-) I am often found very nearby the above life form, which currently rules my life. His name is Master Tinkerman Hollister Burnside, and he is my adopted child. He's called "Tinker" in case that long name is too much of a mouthful for you.

My feet are approximately the same size, and some time ago, I discovered that I use my tableware in the continental style -- not the North American continent. In a previous life, I may once have been a chicken. After I was a chicken, I was a gourmet chef. Traits I had in many of my past lives have stayed with me into this life -- even some people, too. My most recent favorite vacation place is northern Italy . They grow really big mountains there, and lots of fruity things with German names. My day is almost precisely one half hour longer than is customary here on Earth. I am not a meteorologist, and I have no twins. My thumbs are usually not green, but sometimes, I am fortunate.

If you see something looking vaguely like this walking toward you, do not run or panic. It might be me. Or it might be an impostor. (N.B.: It's always important to check for the crooked smile...it never stays perfectly horizontal if it is me!)

Future Plans:

I expect to put up a few more pictures of my child, maybe some pictures of my home, and even a picture or two of me, friends, or places I have been. Despite the fact my day is noticeably longer than the rotational day on Earth, I am the victim of Time Vampires or little gnomes that steal time away from me, so if you are expecting this project to be completed soon, prepare yourself for a lengthy wait.

Current Obsessions:

The thing that is currently keeping me out of trouble and off the map is that I am remodeling the core of my home -- the kitchen-dining room-den complex. Consequently, 25 hours of each day are spent on this ever-expanding project and much of my free time is eaten up.But the end result will be a home I can live with, and maybe eventually keep as spotless as those homes on TV.

Still, I like to get out of the house once in a while, and have a little fun or at least go somewhere other than the local selection of home stores.

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